Emmanuel Presbyterian Church
The Little Church with a Big Heart!

   We invite you to explore our web page.  It is by a true blue novice with occasional bail-out help from a true blue friend, so patience and understanding please!  The home page will share with you a short couple of things that we have been doing or have done in the past.  Our focus as a church community is one of reaching out to help others in need.   Emmanuel Presbyterian Church may be a small church in numbers but we call ourselves the little church with a big heart.

    The tabs above will give you more information about our church, some general, some more specific.  The "about us" has got a drop down menu that is chock full of things you might want to know.   If it were me, I would start there...Contact info, Services, Newsletters, Leadership, Ways to Give, and the Resources we have to offer the community as well as other links to connect to other arms of the Presbyterian Church. Feel free to browse through it all and then make a plan to come see for yourself.  We would love to meet you and share the gospel of our Lord.


April 2017

We have been working really hard to improve our church's availability to the neighborhood so to speak and our playground is one of the first things that are going to be open to the public.  Thanks to volunteers, it has been spruced up, fixed up, neatened up, cleaned up and is waiting for a pretty day and some young legs.  While you are there, bring a picnic lunch and make use of the pavilion.  The church building is open if you need restroom facilities on Wednesdays.


February, 2017

  One of the things we have done to open up to the community is to share our time and talent with the children attending Naturefest in Fairview's Bowie Nature Park.  For the past three years we have made hand crafted stuffed items/creatures to give away in exchange for a smile to those not yet in school.  One year we made dolls, then it was owls.  This past year it changed to hearts.  No strings attached, just a free gilft of love, from us to you.  We sent some of our hand-made dolls to children in a remote village in the Republic of Burundi, Africa.  The picture shown is a Burundi girl with one of the only toys she has ever had.

Burundi girl with new doll                                        Delivering stitched hearts
    The hand stitched hearts that we made this past year also went to different groups.  Not only did we create them for the children of the surrounding community, many of them went to the Sarah Cannon Oncology Unit at Tristar Natchez Medical Park in Dickson, TN.  These hearts were filled with rice and could be used to soothe a sore muscle with either heat or cooling.  They could be used to hold, squeeze, rub or toss as needed to pass the time waiting for a medical procedure or a lab result or any number of other things while one is in a medical facility.  It is our deepest hope that these bring a sense of comfort to those who struggle through difficult times.

    We also offer a warm meal to any one who comes by on the first Sunday of every month.  It is a time of fellowship and thanksgiving and those who stay after service have the chance to connect with members of the congregation, visit with any guests that have attended service or have just dropped by.  It is a pot-luck meal starting after service (11-ish ) , and everyone is welcome.