Christian Education

Sunday School Classes
At 9am on Sunday mornings, join us for our Adult, Teen & Elementary Sunday School Classes. We read scripture, discuss, and have a lot of fun.  The younger set enjoys learning about the church, the church calendar, the stories of Jesus and his ministries mixed in with singing, crafting, prayer and question time. We have two delightful childcare workers who help in both the classroom and in the nursery so there is childcare provided as needed.

March: Youth and Early Childhood Education
Elementary Age Sunday School for March is going well.  The children completed a short lesson on comparing God's commandments and the "commandments" they must keep at home and discovered many are the same.  It was a lesson that reinforced house rules as well as introducing God's 10 commandments.  This was an extension of the LOVE theme and tied in with God's greatest commandment being Love God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.
Currently the lessons are centered around the Lenten season with conversations about Lent, the disciples finding a donkey and Jesus riding it into Jerusalem, Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.  We would love to have your children join us as we continue to learn about all the joy and the heartache of the upcoming season.

February: Youth and Early Childhood Education

Elementary Age Sunday School for February has started 2017 with a bang.  The teachers and the children have been discussing and learning about LOVE in lots of different ways.  The kids have been practicing hard on a simple musical production as they share what LOVE is all about.  Join us at 9 am to find out about love from the heart of a 5  or 6 year old. Child care is provided for the younger set, a youth class is next door and adult Sunday school is right across the hall.

After Sunday school lessons and prayers, the children and youth head to church. There is a time for children to come to the front to have a pint-sized version of the current scripture reading with Pastor Scott.  This Sunday, (and on all first Sundays of the month,) the children will be collecting for GraceWorks West as part of our Souper Bowl offering. 


After the children's message, children have the option of staying in church, attending Children's church or going to the church nursery if 2 or under.  Emmanuel Presbyterian Church offers this time for children to have lessons subtly inserted into playtime that impact daily to treat a friend, how to be a friend, sharing, the importance of kindness, trust, taking turns, asking nicely, and most importantly, learning about what Jesus might do.

The youth of the church (and any visitors!) have their own program.  Their church education activities depend on the numbers as it currently is a small group.  We anticipate it growing and shaping up as needed to encourage the youth in the community to live, love and learn about God.

We are working hard to provide a quality program for your children and invite you and your family to join us and be a part of Emmanuel's Sunday worship.

Adult Sunday Education
The adult Sunday school class also meets at 9am, directly across the hall from the children's class.  Our teachers change periodically but the class is currently being taught by either Kimberley Aden or Art Herron.  Kimberley attended Trevecca University in Nashville and is well suited to teach this class.  Art is a retired minister.  They generally follows along with the Sunday Bible reading and lead a lively discussion.  It is a fun group with a large diversity of religious backgrounds that adds additional twists and turns to the conversation.  All are welcome.